Digital 3D model of fragmented a head, the surface is rendered entirely reflective, resulting in the colour pencil drawings distorting in accordance to the contours of the facial forms.
Violent Head Drawing


Hand sewn garments. Female outfit is quilted in horizontal rows, it is entirely un-zippable as demonstrated by the open sleeve. Male outfit is entirely reversible, two outfits in one.

The textile designs are constructed from colour pencil drawings.

Evo and Nat Final 2015


Bomber triptich


Macow Clouds Bomber


Ralph-Polo Roids

PROCESS IMAGE: Digital 3D model of a head, a collage of exotic birds spherically surrounds the head, rendered entirely reflective, resulting in the birds distorting in accordance to the contours of the facial forms.

Parrot 3D Face Process

Final drawing derived from previous process image.


Experimentation combining drawing with female garment shown above.

Head in the sky

PROCESS IMAGE: Colour pencil drawing of the tonal negative. Drawing the tones as negatives allows for a much more efficient and precise final outcome.

Tonal-Negative Drawing

Derived from previous process image.

Colour pencil drawing digitally reversed into accurate tones. Dog entangled in constricting glad wrap spray painted with a Union Jack like cross.

This is an abstract interpretation of my experiences of racism towards Indigenous Australians whilst spending a month living in a remote Indigenous community.

Defaced Dog close-up


Defaced Dog

Part of the Melbourne festivals 2014 Art Tram project, subsequently awarded the Art Tram Peoples Choice Award.

Derived from colour pencil drawings. Inspired by the psychological ink blot test method, as well as the process of cloud watching, people will explore discover and create their own images and faces within.

Cloud Parrot Tram


Head in the clouds

Digitally manipulated colour pencil drawing. Inspired by the stories told by concentric rings within a cut tree stump. This is a visual depiction of the continued growth and clarity of people as they age through the lifespan.

The center represents birth, growing in clarity until death at the perimeters of the mandala.

Tulip mandala



Close Up Clouds

Close up image of the center of sculpture constructed out of 40 layers of laser cut.

Inside Rolex

Abstract colour pencil illustration.

Macow Clouds

Sample of six meter tapestry used to create contemporary interpretation of Indian Sari garment.

Constructed out of a collage of many drawings which was then digitally manipulated.Luca-Park

Colour pencil drawing of two Macaws.